3 Jewelry Trends to follow in 2021

The year 2021 is the omen of new hopes and finding joy among oneself. Now is the time when you can truly choose to let go of all inhibitions that hold you back and invest in your own personal style. After all, when you look good, you feel good and what can be a better way to look your best than through the magic of stunning jewelry? Queen Be brings to you the three most coveted jewelry trends that will keep your style game on point.

Trend #1 Layering
Thanks to Gen Z and Instagram Models, Layering jewelry is a technique that is here to stay. Whether you’re donning an ethnic outfit or something more casual, layered neck pieces go perfectly well on all and they add a different level of sophistication to one’s overall look. Check out our selection of layered neck pieces for some Style Inspo!
Trend #2 Put a Ring on it!
French Tips and Dramatic Rings, the combination that marks the essence of every classy woman. You can choose to opt for elliptical or abstract rings to complete your outfit. Whether you’re out for a Soiree or working from home, looking good is mandatory. Our selection of gold-coated rings is here to help you achieve your best look.
Tip #3 Gold - The one style that’ll never go old!
Gone are the times when Gold was something only our Moms would wear. It’s 2021 and nothing is trending as much as gold plated jewelry. The best part about Gold is that it flatters all skin tones and adds a beautiful elegance to one’s overall look. Check out our IG to browse through some of our best gold plated jewelry.

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