Enhance Your Look By Adorning Classic Choker Necklaces

    Necklaces are one of those jewellery pieces that can make even a simple outfit look glamorous. There are various designs of necklaces that are all suited for a variety of events and outfits. Chokers are one such design that stands out with their bold pattern and stunning motifs. With styles that reflect the cultures of different regions in India, the choker makes for a versatile addition to grand celebrations.

    When to Wear Chokers?

    Chokers are a great addition because of their bold look and rich cultural significance. They are perfect to wear at weddings, engagements, formal events and festive celebrations.

    How to Choose Right Chokers for Your Face Type?

    Chokers are a statement piece and draw attention to your neck, accentuating it elegantly. Choose the right kind depending on your face type with these tips below.


    Being a versatile face shape, you can go for any necklace types, including all types of chokers.


    For this face type, you can pick slimmer and sleek designs that help accentuate your features, adding a certain amount of delicateness.


    Go for designs that are broad and thick as they help accentuate your chin, bringing a balance to facial structure.


    Choose designs that have delicate motifs and drops, adding a rounded and curved element to your look.


    Wear designs that spread towards a broader base, perfectly balancing your face and neck.

    Matching Chokers with Amazing Outfits

    From the Raani haar or Aad in Rajasthan, The Gulubandh of Punjab and to the Andhra Guttapusalu, chokers in India go by a variety of names and styles. Finding the perfect fit for your ensemble could be quite confusing. So, here are some tips on how to style different types of designs with your outfits.

    Wide Band Designs

    These work well on their own and could also be layered for a heavier look. They are ideal for sarees and lehengas. Wear them with low necklines and sleeveless blouses to create a contrast. Since there is more space for elaborate designs, you can wear them with Temple designs for weddings, engagements and festivals.

    Designs In Gold

    These can be best styled with sarees, adding a luminous touch to your look. Go for designs that have leaves or floral elements to work seamlessly with your saree. Wear sleeker designs for contemporary Indian outfits and bit broader ones for traditional sarees and lehengas. When it comes to contemporary Indian outfits, be sure to keep the neckline in mind.

    Crystal Chokers

    Made with American diamonds, they add brilliance to sarees and lehengas and are perfect for a look that is elegant yet bold. They go with any shade, but especially stand out when paired with dark colours (like maroon and navy-blue). For a day function, pair them with pastels for a look that exudes royalty and grace.

    Coloured Chokers

    Designs that have coloured stones are dynamic additions to traditional outfits. Shades like green, red and blue are the most popular. They could be mixed with Kundan settings or beads for vibrant styles. Shades like green work excellently with red, pink and cream outfits, while blue goes well with silver and gold outfits.

    How to Match Chokers with Other Jewellery?

    Accessorising chokers requires careful attention as they are statement pieces on their own and to overdo it would ruin their speciality. You could pair them with grand earrings and no Maang Tika, or a heavy Maang tika and delicate or simple earrings. While wearing sarees and lehengas, you can even layer chokers with lighter jewellery for a richer look. Try to keep the tones matching or coordinated with nothing too contrasting.

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