Add the Beauty of Danglers to Your Collection!


    For time immemorial, women have been adorning earrings as a symbol of beauty and status. Today, they are much more! They're a form of expression, a compelling testimony to your taste.

    No outfit is truly complete without jewellery that enhances the look and Danglers are one such type of jewellery that go with a variety of outfits.

    When to Wear Danglers?

    There could be some confusion between Danglers and Drops as they are both similar; however, there's a slight difference in the design.

    Drop earrings fall below the earlobes and remain fixed in one place. Danglers, on the other hand, move or 'dangle' from side to side. They are typically attached to a base, allowing them to drop below the earlobes and move with ease.

    People usually associate these earrings with formal or special occasions, but you can wear them wherever you please, seeing that they come in a variety of designs that are contemporary, ethnic and opulent.

    How to Choose Right Danglers for Your Face Type?

    Danglers are known to typically help elongate the face and accentuate the neck. Choose the right kind depending on your face type with these tips below.


    Most kinds of designs suit this shape. You can go for any length or pattern.


    You can pick sleek designs that help accentuate your features and balance them out.


    Go for designs that are wider at the bottom; they help highlight your facial structure.


    Choose designs that are circular to help bring out a fuller and eye-catching look.

    Matching Danglers with Amazing Outfits

    Choosing the right kind of danglers for various occasions has been a taxing job for almost every woman. With numerous styles to choose from, it's hard to know which one would make a statement! Here's a guide to styling the perfect pair with your outfits.

    Weddings and Engagements

    Such occasions call for grand designs that celebrate the flair of expert craftsmanship. Go for intricate designs; they could be contemporary, Indian or even Indo-Western. Danglers work especially well with Sarees as they accentuate your neckline, adding to your grace! You could also pick designs with pearl motifs or tassels for some added elegance.

    Cocktail Parties

    Choose designs that are fun and dreamy to go with your outfits for these parties. Treasure danglers work well for this occasion and suit both contemporary and ethnic attires! If you go for a monochromatic look, make sure to add a pop of colour with multicolour danglers. Sunflower danglers would also make your entire look sophisticated.

    Evening Gatherings

    For less formal occasions, depending on your outfit, you could choose earrings with water drop or waterfall designs that will give your outfit an ethereal look.

    Casual Days

    Complete your everyday outfits with earrings that are subtle yet mesmerising in design. Pieces with concentric or geometric elements are sure to captivate, adding charm to simple moments!

    Office Occasions

    Bring some fashionable wonders to your workdays with simple dangler earrings! Pick abstract designs that suit both Indian and Western wear such as floral, lotus and kite dangler earrings. With this, you're keeping it neat with nothing too distracting, yet adding a bit of fun to the weekdays.

    Indian Wear

    Pair your Kurtis with something contemporary, like designs with leaves or artfully carved flowers. You could also choose ethnic pieces like half-moon or spiral dangler earrings with enamel colouring.

    How to Match Danglers with Other Jewellery?

    When pairing your Danglers with other jewellery, you should keep a few things in mind. Note the neckline of your outfit and ensure that your necklace does not clash with your earrings. It's best to keep one statement piece, so pair your earrings with a bangle or bracelet. Just ensure that the base metal is the same colour. You could also choose a ring with stones that match the colour of your earrings. Remember, what takes your look from great to stunning is how you accessorise it.

    Choose Queenbe as Your Buying Destination for Danglers

    QueenBe's collection of Danglers makes for breathtaking additions to outfits of every kind. With each design that is a testament of handmade brilliance, you're sure to find a piece that speaks to your heart. Whether you choose traditional or trendy, celebrate your love for jewellery with us!