Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are Forever


    Delicate Adornments With American Diamonds!

    American Diamonds are known to hold the allure of real diamonds but with a wallet-friendly advantage.

    They not only resemble diamonds but also hold a certain extent of their durability and are therefore used not just for jewellery.

    American diamond jewellery comes in a variety of different colours and cuts, customised to fit emerging trends in fashion, giving them an edge over natural ones.

    When to Wear American Diamond Jewellery?

    The brilliance of American diamonds makes jewellery grand and befitting of special occasions. With their captivating shimmer and sturdiness, they are perfect for special occasions, formal events and even casual outings.

    How to Choose Right American Diamond Jewellery for Your Face Type?

    With their eye-catching glint, American diamond jewellery is a delight to adorn. Know how to choose designs depending on your face type with these tips below.


    Almost all designs go with this shape as the proportions are more balanced.


    Choose sleek, long or angular American diamond jewellery designs that help accentuate your features.


    Go for designs that are broad at the bottom as they bring balance to your facial structure and highlight its shape.


    Choose designs that are round, circular or with motifs, adding a curved element to your elegance.


    Wear short designs for earrings and broader ones for neckpieces. If you have a long and slim face and are looking for an American diamond set, make sure to check these specifications.

    Matching American Diamond Jewellery with Amazing Outfits

    American diamond jewellery can be worn with both Indian and Western wear, making each look stand out with the unique attractiveness. Here are some tips on styling your jewellery with outfits.


    Earrings with some sparkle are the easiest way to accessorise your look. For office or casual ensembles, Studs are the perfect pieces. For parties and special occasions, you can go for more elaborate designs like Danglers, Drops or richly embellished Studs. Clothes with lower necklines are perfect for wearing Danglers and Drops. Whereas higher necklines are better suited for Studs.


    In a hurry but can't decide how to accessorise your outfit? Throw on a shimmering bracelet and problem solved! If you're wearing Indian clothes, choose a bangle-like design. For Western outfits, any design works well.


    An American diamond ring can take your outfit from plain to chic in an instant. If you're not much of a jewellery person, rings are a great way to begin accessorising. Depending on your taste, you can choose dainty pieces for regular outfits or a bold cocktail ring for special events. They go with all outfits and can be styled however you please.


    Bring some glamour to your look with a perfectly embellished American diamond necklace. These make for statement pieces and are best suited for formal events or grand celebrations. You can wear them with anything, from lehengas and sarees to dresses and pant-suits. Ideally, your necklace should fall just below your collar bone, so make sure to adjust the length when you wear it for the best effect.

    You can even go for an American diamond set to give your outfits an overall regal charm.

    How To Match American Diamond Jewellery with Other Jewellery?

    When choosing your accessories, remember that you can always mix and match your pieces ‚ÄĒ creating a contemporary mix of Indo-Western that goes with almost everything. The easiest way to style other jewellery is to add an American diamond ring or a bracelet to your ensemble. If you're wearing an extravagant piece, you can go for simple fabric without any intricate designs on it.

    Choose Queenbe as Your Buying Destination for American Diamond Jewellery

    With a spectacular collection of American diamond Jewellery, QueenBe is the perfect destination for pieces that inspire. Be it a wedding, cocktail party or an office meeting, express yourself with tasteful designs that are curated to set trends. Ranging from rings, bracelets and earrings, to necklaces our curated selection is the perfect reason to start building your collection today!

    Rose Gold Earrings: Adding Elegance To Your Ensemble

    Wondering how to make that beautiful black dress stand out? Or thinking about the perfect addition to your saree? While your outfit can be beautiful by itself, what really takes your look from simple to outstanding are your accessories.

    Rose gold jewellery, made from an alloy of pure 24-carat gold, silver and copper is your perfect choice for accessorising. The depth of the elegant colour of the rose gold depends on the ratio of pure yellow gold and copper or silver. The higher the percentage of yellow gold, the softer the colour of the rose gold jewellery.

    When To Wear Rose Gold Earrings?

    Rose gold earrings owing to their simple yet elegant charm can be worn both in formal and informal occasions. Depending on your outfit choice and the event, you can pick a pair of rose gold earrings that suit you the best.

    The occasion plays a vital role in deciding which pair of rose gold earrings you should opt for. For a regular workday, you can wear a pair of rose gold studs that add a layer of sophistication to your outfit.

    Whereas, for an occasion that demands dressing up, you can go for a pair of rose gold earrings that are opulent and shiny. Danglers would look amazing with your well-tailored and bright Indianwear.

    How To Choose The Right Rose Gold Earring For Your Face Type?

    Chunky or small, drops or hoops - rose gold earrings can make your outfits look classy in an instant. But choosing the right pair can be confusing. So, here's a guide to finding the perfect pair of rose gold earrings for your face.

    Hoops: These types of earrings can give your outfits a classy yet stylish look. Anyone can carry rose gold earrings, but they look great on people with a long and thin face. If you have a square or oval face cut, you can rock the hoops too!

    Danglers: Danglers make for elegant options for rose gold earrings styles and are suited for most face types. They work very well for people with round faces. Medium length danglers are also great for people with long and slim as well as square faces.

    Studs: Studs in rose gold are simple yet sophisticated. They look good on most faces, but if you have a round face you can go for square studs instead, which would give your face some sharp edges.

    Matching Rose Gold Earrings With Amazing Outfits

    Rose gold earrings come in many elegant styles that would enhance the glam quotient of every outfit that you wish to adorn.

    Studs are suited well for your everyday work outfits as well as for a classy dinner date. They hug your earlobes and add just the right amount of shine to your outfits.

    Danglers are a delight for both your elegant Western and Indian outfits. You can wear these with a tasteful salwar suit to a Diwali party as well as with a gown for an office party or cocktail party!

    Hoops can be big, creating a dramatic look for your Westernwear or be small and add a layer of quiet glamour to your Indianwear. Rose gold earrings as hoops are not only charming but are also unique in shape, adding a fun dimension to your look.

    How To Match Rose Gold Earrings With Other Jewellery

    While every bit of accessory can add glamour to your look, modern styling has a useful rule against over-accessorising your clothes. It indicates that a single piece of statement jewellery can do wonders for your outfit.

    For that very purpose, rose gold earrings are a winner. If the earrings are small, they can go well with a statement neckpiece or bracelet. If the earrings are big, you can let them carry the beauty of the outfit all on their own!

    Shop For Luxurious Rose Gold Earrings On QueenBe

    Rose gold earrings from our collection are suitable for all your styling needs. From elegant and straightforward to opulent and majestic, you can easily create a look that suits your personal style with our rose gold jewellery, including our bracelets and cocktail rings.

    Queen Be's collection of exquisite rose gold earrings and other pieces of jewellery are designed to make your wardrobe an enviable one!