Up Your Style Quotient With A Curated Collection Of Hoop Earrings!

    Hoop earrings are classic accessories that have managed to survive the waves of all changing fashion trends. The reason for their longevity is their attractive designs and their ability to work effortlessly with any outfit. Women across the world wear hoop earrings, and it continues to be one of the oldest fashion trends alive.

    Hoops are empowering and for the bold. There is so much to be done with hoops. You can keep experimenting with the different sizes, and each new hoop is guaranteed to give you a completely new look. Hoops have the capacity to elevate your look and come out as the show-stopper for any outfit you wear.

    When To Wear Hoop Earrings?

    Being amongst the oldest jewellery types, hoop earrings do not need an occasion to be worn. They suit almost every outfit and are sure to draw attention to whatever you pair them with.

    Hoops can be worn for semi-formal occasions as well as for festive occasions. The design elements may change based on the event, but hoops as a style go well for a wide variety of events.

    How To Choose Right Hoop Earrings For Your Face Type?

    Time and again, hoops have proved that they are a classic statement earring which anyone and everyone can rock. Nevertheless, it is best to know what type of hoops are best suited for your face type. Take a look at what type would suit you best:

    Long and Narrow Face

    If you have a long, thin face, medium to large-sized hoops and short danglers will help highlight the width of your face.

    Square Face

    If you have a square face, the trick is to pick earrings that will soften the sharp edges of your face. Oval shapes, circular earrings and hoops look extremely good on such faces.

    Round Faces

    For people with a round face slightly oval hoops would look good. However, if you want to go for a round hoop go for one from medium to small to bring out the best of your features.

    How to Match Hoop Earrings With Amazing Outfits?

    Hoops are versatile pieces of jewellery. A few styles that go well with multiple hoops are a ruffled dress or even a graphic t-shirt. Large hoops are subtle, yet playful and can be paired with every outfit. Whether it is for a toned-down day look or a flashy night out, these earrings will heighten your look for every outing. Textured and beaded hoops are also gaining wide popularity and are suitable for casual outfits. Embellished hoop earrings are the perfect choice for a lunch date or even a cocktail party.

    How To Match Hoop Earrings With Other Jewellery?

    Hoops are a powerful piece of jewellery. They often do not need any other jewellery to complete your look. However, pairing small to medium-sized hoop earrings with chokers has been a tradition and usually suits people with a long and narrow face structure. Larger hoops, on the contrary, can be donned with simple bracelets or rings.

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