Explore Our Wide Range of Rings To Find The Perfect One for You!


    Rings are one of the popular jewellery pieces. Across cultures, they have served as symbols for love and marriage, and now they serve as a fashion statement as well!

    The variety that you get with rings is fantastic, and you can get one for every outfit in your wardrobe if you so desire. Read on to know more about the variety and styling tips for rings!

    When to Wear Rings?

    Authentic rings are shaped in circles, or at most, as a rhombus. Frequently manufactured in gold, diamonds, and gemstones-the trend for oxidized jewellery has been picking up. Not only young girls, but even mid-aged women prefer sporting these jewels in the present day. They are pocket-friendly, durable, and classy.

    Moving onto the more embellished designs, the gold & diamond patterns have been in the market since forever. Their elegance is unmatchable.

    If you're looking to opt for a classy, subtle, or even more traditional (& heavy) look for parties, weddings, and in everyday use, rings bring out the solutions for you.

    How to Choose Right Rings?

    It is essential to choose the ring that best suits your finger-type. Read these tips to make the right choices when giving measurements.

    Short Fingers

    To create an illusion of length, choose narrow-width bands with pear, oval, and marquise stones.

    Long Fingers

    Go for wider bands as they complement longer lengths. Princess-cut and round-cut designs tend to work well for those with long fingers.

    Slender Fingers

    The key is to keep it simple. Opt for thick bands that help your fingers look wider. Smaller stones will emphasize shape and emit sophistication.

    Wide Fingers

    Go for heavier stones as it attenuates the wide look of the fingers. A round cluster, marquise cut, and asymmetrical designs will bring out an eye-catching look.

    Matching Rings With Amazing Outfits

    Rings are a comfortable ornament that can be worn with any outfit. Check out our guide to select the perfect one for every occasion.

    Weddings and Festivals

    These grand events call for donning heavy looks. Pair your saris and lehengas with traditional designs. A diamond-studded or gold-plated ring will serve the purpose. Depending upon your outfit's texture, a Kundan ring can also work well.

    Cocktail Parties

    Depending upon the choice of your outfit, we'd recommend you go for blooming oxidized rings. They work well with the semi-heavy dark-coloured dresses. If you wear lighter shades, sporting pastel decorated patterns can be your ideal pick. Aim for coloured-stone rings if you sport colours like Turquoise. They bring out the best reflection in your outfits.

    Casual Everyday Use

    Depending upon your daily attire, adorn your fingers with American-diamond or gold-plated designs. Thin bands ensure you don't look over-dressed but instead maintain a charm of subtle elegance.

    How to Match Rings With Other Jewellery?

    If you plan to wear a heavy circle on your finger, we'd recommend pairing this look with the evergreen chandbalis, jhumkis, or studs. However, a subtle traditional look is best emitted when sporting hoop earrings or dangler earrings with a thin chain.

    If you prefer shopping for sets as opposed to individual pieces, our American diamond sets & Choker royal sets will serve your requirements. Designed in varieties of stones - pearls, coloured crystals, and kundans, our exclusive collection will rightly complement every look.

    Choose QueenBe as Your Buying Destination for Rings

    QueenBe's premium quality collection creates signature trends for every occasion. The curated collection of rings is sure to assist you in elevating your style quotient. Whether you choose to shop for a special occasion or daily use, we've got a variety of options for all of them!